For the solo-preneur or independent professional who’s looking to see results from marketing and copywriting.

Most often, I work with 2 types of business owners:

Find the missing piece

These business owners have taken courses, hired resources and services, and have all the “how-tos” nailed. But they’re not getting the results that were promised and they’re not sure why. They know they can help their clients, and they want a plan to connect with more prospects and sign them up.

It feels like trying to assemble a bookcase from a big box store: the instructions seem clear but when you dig into the package you can’t make it work. You wonder if somebody’s left out a nail or a board or if they packed the wrong set of directions.

We check the box, come up with a new plan that’s (usually) easier and faster, decide whether to exchange this item for something else, and/or take the first steps to get it done.

 “As a life coach for women in the entertainment industry, I booked a single session with Cathy – and I must say, it was most definitely Oscar worthy! Cathy honed in on my content with rock star precision.

“She was fast, got to the point, and immediately recognized ways I could strengthen my message as well as bring more of myself to what I write.”


These business owners are ready for a new website or new product launch. They want to know exactly what they need and get a detailed plan that can be executed by themselves, by their own team, or by me (and my virtual team, if I do the whole thing).

They may be website-savvy and want to avoid someone trying to sell them a bunch of bells and whistles they don’t need, or they may be on their very first website and want straight-shooter guidance so they can start attracting clients and selling products, hassle-free.

It feels like working with a personal trainer at the gym: if you haven’t worked out for awhile or you have new fitness goals. We figure out where you are, where you want to go, and block out the steps you need to take to get there. Of course, while you have to exercise yourself to get fit, you can turn over your marketing to a pro and go on vacation.

barkerheadshotsmall“When planning a new business venture, I realized I needed a website. I was not sure what would be involved.

“In just one session, Cathy helped me clarify my message and establish the page-by-page website setup. Our consultation exceeded my expectations – it was enjoyable as well as inspirational. As an experienced business owner, I’d say it was a very worthwhile investment.”

Robert Barker, Norfolk, United Kingdom

Each consultation is:

checkboxred60-90 minutes long


checkboxredCustomized to focus on what you need most (anything related to marketing, from a copywriting challenge to finding a new USP to nailing your niche)


Designed to get work done on the spot (not a series of “to do” ideas for later)

checkboxredEnergy-efficient: send your materials ahead for a review so you hit the ground running


Followed by 5 days of email coaching (immediately after the call) to clear up any questions that might arise unexpectedly



Book 3 1-to-1 60-90 minute sessions:  $597


Book a 1-to-1 60-90 minute session 1 time:  $297

Book a Half-Day Intensive In Person Or Virtual) $997.
“Just do it all for me!” Copy done and delivered.