Strategic Storytelling For Small Business Marketing And Services Marketing by Cathy Goodwin

17 Surprising Ways To Use Storytelling To Grow Your Small Business 


"For business owners who want heroic marketing, not hero's journeys."  

Craft a message that hits home with the clients you really want to work with. 

Find the words to energize a tired audience and inspire them to join your community of raving fans. 

Finally cross the big projects off your To-Do List and turn them into hard-working revenue-generators. 

Cathy Goodwin, Copywriter

I’m Cathy Goodwin. For over a decade I've been helping small business owners and independent professionals grow their businesses with a big online presence. 

Many of my clients want to incorporate storytelling into their marketing. They keep getting advised to tell Hero's Journey stories. The truth is, you don't need a hero's journey ... and you probably shouldn't tell that story if you do. 

Heroic marketing means you're bold, brave and confident -- but also totally professional and true to your own values. 

The best way to take your marketing from ho-hum to heroic? Tell stories. 

But you can't just pull out any story and expect Cinderella-style magic. In fact, Cinderella stories can be fatal to your marketing. And you don't need a hero's journey to make your marketing more efficient, more profitable ... and more fun. 

 Often solo-preneurs who have sought help elsewhere find that a consultation with me brings the missing piece -- the direction, action steps and clarity that energizes their marketing.  

Click on the right orange button to learn about how we can work together -- with or without stories -- to answer your "next step" questions, figure out what's missing ... and be ready to share your story, on your own terms... even if you're not a hero.