Strategic Storytelling For Small Business Marketing And Services Marketing by Cathy Goodwin

17 Surprising Ways To Use Storytelling To Grow Your Small Business 


"I got the memo about using storytelling in my business. But what am I supposed to do with it?"  

You may be wondering, "What's the fuss about?" Or, "Storytelling? Isn't that for fiction?"

Or you might have heard that you need to come up with "your story..." preferably a soul-baring, tell-all tale about how you started your business by sleeping on a mattress in a church basement. You might even hear that you need a "hero's journey."

That's not how we operate here. 

Storytelling helps you build a memorable brand, clarify your offer, create persuasive content ...and frankly, make marketing more fun.  

But storytelling for business belongs to the realm of strategy, not fairy tales. We're more about profit than plot line. We don't do Cinderella here. We won't ask you to share a story that's best left with your life coach. And sometimes what's needed isn't a story at all...just classic copywriting techniques, polished and professional. 

 Here are some of the ways I work with clients: 

Craft a message that hits home with the clients you really want to work with.  

Find the words to energize a tired audience and inspire them to join your community of raving fans. 

Finally cross the big projects off your To-Do List and turn them into hard-working revenue-generators. 

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I’m Cathy Goodwin, and I've been a copywriter/consultant for over a decade. 

Many people will help you tell a better story. I'm here to help you use storytelling to get build a better business . 

Storytelling for business isn't the same as storytelling for campfire stories or fairytales. That's why Cinderella makes a great movie but a lousy marketing story.

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