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Behind Every Successful Business Is A Good Story

You've probably heard this advice: "To be successful in business today, you must also be a storyteller." 

But what does that mean for a small service-based business like yours? What story will define your business and shape your brand? How, when and where will you tell that story?

I'm Cathy Goodwin, a copywriter, strategist, and storyteller. I help small or micro service-based businesses connect the dots from storytelling to sales. That means finding the story that resonates with your ideal clients, strengthening your message and clarifying your brand.  

But you can't use just any story. Following the advice to "be vulnerable" and "share your struggles" usually increases your awkward moments, not your sales. And let's face it ... Cinderella makes a great movie but a lousy marketing story. 

The truth is, when you're small and service-based, your story carries a lot of marketing weight. You have to break the rules that work for the iconic beer and soda brands. 

So what to do instead? 

I help clients strengthen their message and build their brand with five proven story archetypes (also known as "personas" or "patterns") specifically tailored to small service-based businesses. Your story archetype will simplify your marketing with a clear, consistent brand message. 

How can you work with me? 

We first develop a story-based strategy customized for your business, via the Story Consultation. If you choose, we can move to implementation with compelling, high-converting copy. 

Ready to get started? Have more questions? Send me a message here. 

And I'm always happy to share these insights on strategic storytelling to your company or team. Visit my speaking page. 

What's Your Business Story?  

"I need to get more clarity on my brand, strengthen my message, and find my story."  

Claim a consultation to help you find your story and turn it into a brand. You can also use your consultation as the first step to plan a new website, sales letter or launch campaign. 

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"I want to fast-track my story to land more clients." 

Attract clients and generate leads with professional copywriting. Take the whole "content creation" thing off your plate with a done-for-you program. Or get coaching to write compelling DIY copy without becoming a copywriter. 

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Choose from these easy-access online training programs to build your storytelling, marketing and copywriting skills. Supplement with customized one-to-one consulting to accelerate your progress.

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I'm Cathy Goodwin. For over ten years I've been working with small business owners, solo-preneurs and independent professionals to help them win more high paying clients, stand out from the crowd and make a real impact in the world ... with strong, clear messaging and high impact copy. 

Get ready to discover what's hiding behind the curtain of the most successful small businesses -- how story-centered marketing can simplify, smooth and accelerate your growth strategy.  

To learn more about what makes a great business story and what should be tossed on the campfire, download my ebook, Grow Your Business One Story At A Time. Click here to order through Amazon.

When you need a speaker who combines solid information with a dynamic presence, let's talk. 

I speak on topics related to storytelling, business writing and online marketing, in-person or via webinar. Custom workshops and training can be arranged. 

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