"Without Your Story, Your Marketing Might As Well Be A Classified Ad"

You're running a service-based business. You're good at what you do. Your clients achieve results they'd never dared to dream about. 

But does your marketing get your audience involved, so they don't just hire you ... they invite you to join their story? 

Do they say things like: 

"You get me! I feel like we're on the same page." "You're my go-to person for this service: I'm accepting no substitutes." "A lot of people do what you do...but you're the only one who does it your way." "I knew right away I wanted to hire you...and I'm glad I did."  

I'm Cathy Goodwin. My clients come to me when they want to combine professionalism with promotion.  

But they (and I) refuse to believe that "professional" means being as conventional and boring as a pinstripe suit. 

When you add me to your team, you get a copywriter who's also a storyteller. And you need both. 

Without copywriting, your offer is just another bright shiny object worth zero dollars ... even if it does everything the client wants and more. Copywriting connects your offer to your audience ...and motivates your best prospects to say "yes." 

But without your story, your copy becomes a bunch of hard-working words. There's no fire. No energy. No "you."  

Your story helps you choose your words and craft a message that nobody else could claim. 

When your copy isn't working, mostly likely you're trying to tell someone else's story with someone else's voice. 

So you'll attract someone else's clients and you'll waste time with people who'd rather be somewhere else.  

When I work with clients, we begin by finding the story that's right for you. The rest falls into place. 

In fact, some of my clients find themselves shaking their heads and saying, "Wait a minute ... it seemed almost TOO simple. And we got it so FAST."

It IS that simple. You'll enjoy copy you can be proud of and results that will bring a smile to your bank statements. 

"Cathy has a knack of getting right to the point of what we need to do to get more results from our marketing, whether it's message, copy or even design and layout.  

"We've worked with different copywriters and keep coming back to Cathy. We'd recommend her to anyone."  

-- Alina Frank, Results-Oriented Coaching 

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As a copywriter and strategist, I've spent the last ten years helping clients grow their businesses with strong copy, a distinctive brand and a story that sells.  

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Business storytelling isn't a Cinderella story, a campfire story ... and definitely NOT a bedtime story. 

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