Let’s face it: Your clients have gotten smarter.

They’ve seen it all. They aren’t impressed by razzle-dazzle graphics. They won’t believe the same old promises everybody makes.

But sadly, many business owners are afraid of being pushy. So they go to the other extreme. They send out bland, timid messages.

So most websites tiptoe along without ever reaching the heart of their target market. A visitor who thinks “blah!” will disappear faster than you can jog across the room.

You need a strategy to establish a connection to your visitors, communicate your value and motivate prospects to buy. Instead your messages …

… Never get read (because they’re overwhelmed by graphics, videos and things that flash, buzz and sing)

… Tell an outdated story for the business you started five years ago (but doesn’t reflect who you are today)

… Stay hidden from customers because you don’t want to go through the hassle of yet another website makeover.

… Underwhelm your prospects because your sales letter needs that extra piece of sizzle

… Get buried under me-too, cookie-cutter copy that doesn’t show exactly why you’re special, unique and just plain fabulous!

The good news is… There’s no need to tiptoe.

You can face the stiffest competition with a strong marketing message that moves clients right to the “buy now” line… without sacrificing six months of time, insulting clients with hyped-up promises or maxing out your credit cards.

My name is Cathy Goodwin and I work with smart service business owners. They want marketing that’s as professional as the services they deliver. They want to keep things simple, get right to the point and get the job done with a minimum of fuss so they can serve clients who value what they offer.

If you relate, you’re in the right place. Grab one of my free ebooks on the right, spend time on my blog, get to know me and let me know when you’re ready to take action.

“Hackers, you’re no longer welcome!”

It’s not a pretty sight (or site).

Instead of your beautiful home page, people see a nasty message:
“Danger: Malware Ahead!”

Just what you need … especially if you’re out of town and can’t do a
thing about it.

It’s happened to many people who take pride in doing everything right, including my friend Christina Hills, the WordPress expert.

Fortunately she was attacked on a site she hadn’t been using. But she was so embarrassed and annoyed, she decided to take action so it would never happen again.

This afternoon at 4 PM Eastern, Christina will be talking about a subject most of us would rather avoid: Keeping Hackers Out Of Your WordPress Site (Because They Will Silently Shut Down Your Business). She’ll share the back doors you (and most of us) probably left open.

Can’t make the call? No worries: she provides a downloadable replay when you register.

Register at this link:

If you can’t click through, just cut and paste into your browser. There is absolutely no charge or obligation to attend the webinar or download the replay. However, I’m a compensated affiliate for those who do buy Christina’s excellent, guaranteed products through my link.

5 Reasons To Be Thankful For Copywriting


As Thanksgiving approaches, let’s take a moment of silence to be grateful that we have copywriting to augment our strategy, sales and yes, even our sanity!

Happy holidays to all!

Should you bare all to promote your brand?

We are hearing this a lot. It’s important to “be vulnerable” when you present yourself to listeners, readers, visitors and any potential clients. “Let people see you are human!” we are told.

One communication coach urges her clients to, “Get naked!”

This advice is a good example of how a brilliant strategy needs  translation before you can apply it to your marketing materials. 

First, choose your vulnerability. Relate your background directly to whatever you are selling. For instance, if you’re a relationship coach, share the story of your break-up. If you’re a business coach, share the same story only if you can relate to your niche. [Read more...]

Online Marketing Advice From 50 Shades of Blond

lockcoinsI’ve been enriching the wallets of hair colorists for my entire adult life. My hair has been brunette, auburn, red and at least fifty shades of blond.

If you’ve been following me awhile you know I’m not into fashion, but of necessity, I picked up a lot of info about hair color. One lesson especially sticks with me.

It was a long time ago and my hair was supposed to be a sort of ash blond.  Then my regular colorist died. He wasn’t very old and we were all shocked. But the salon had its heart in the right place.

“Never fear,” they said. “We have his book of formulas.” [Read more...]

Is your niche a pain in the booty?

blue-jeansWhen you begin your Extreme Copy Makeover, one of the items on your checklist will be, “Do you use the same language as your clients?”

It’s not always easy to find an answer.

Some time ago a Wall Street Journal story reported that jeans manufacturers are trying to communicate directly with their most valuable customers. We’re talking about sophisticated marketers, such as Levi’s and Old Navy.

If you love your jeans (and I admit I do), you probably acknowledge that you check yourself out in your full-length mirror … from the rear. You want to see how your [derriere, rear end, butt, booty or ass] looks.You’re not alone. On one of the pre-Celebrity Apprentice shows, a team won by producing a jeans campaign focusing on that body area. Even earlier, in the movie Sleepless In Seattle, the Tom Hanks character gets warned that he will be judged by this same booty. His buddy even helps him out by taking a peek behind his jacket. [Read more...]